Waine’s World: Five years of Dr. Kong’s Weekly Columns

Basil Waine Kong’s book, Waine’s World is an eclectic compilation of his weekly articles published in the Upson Beacon that will make you laugh, make you wonder, and make you think.

While the author divulges life-changing advice and food-for-thought on a wide range of topics, he also extols the virtues of his adopted City of Thomaston in Georgia. Underpinning his writings are his core beliefs in faith, fairness, family, and friends. He draws from his life and his travels to tap into universal truths that are essential to our very existence as human beings and the survival of our planet.

The author’s inspirational outlook is best summed up by the quote from Abraham Lincoln: We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. In this book, you will learn to dwell on the ‘roses’ of your life and count your blessings, not your woes.

Dr. Kong is author/co-author of more than 50 publications including several books, most notably “The Hero of Fern Gully and Other Jamaican Short Stories” which he co-authored with Glen Laman in 2021, and “Bad Boy from Jamaica.”

Dr. Kong is a former Atlanta Jamaican and the retired CEO of the Association of Black Cardiologists. In 2019, he received the Spirit of the Heart Legacy Award from the Association honoring his 25 years of service.

He now lives with his wife Stephanie who is the CEO of Zoe Pediatrics in Thomaston, GA.

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