Appointment of JA. Honorary Consul to Atlanta

News Release

October 24, 2018

Appointment of JA. Honorary Consul to Atlanta

Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade recently announced the appointment of Dr. Elaine Grant-Bryan as Jamaica’s newly appointed Honorary Consul to Atlanta with effect from 1st October, 2018.

As Honorary Consul, Dr. Bryan will provide consular services to Jamaicans and persons wishing to visit Jamaica, and to promote the development of social, cultural and commercial relationships between Jamaica and Atlanta.

Dr. Bryan succeeds Mrs. Jewel Scott, who resigned from the position in December 2017.

Dr. Bryan is a former educator in the Atlanta School System and is now a real estate entrepreneur. She is also the founder and chair of The Elaine Bryan Foundation.

During her tenure as educator, Mrs. Bryan has worked diligently with young persons as a motivational speaker empowering high school and college students through mentorship programmes.  Then as a Microsoft Education Partner, Dr. Bryan collaborated with the Microsoft team to develop and establish Microsoft-GECG STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) for the students conducted through enrichment workshops.

She is the recipient of several awards and commendations for her outstanding contribution to Education.  She was also recognized as the Gleaner “2007” Phenomenal Woman.

She is married to Gregory Scott Bryan and they both work together on global projects for The Elaine Bryan Foundation and the Global Education Consultants Group.


Cheryl Wynter

Consulate General of Jamaica

Miami, FL



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Oliver Mair assumes appointment as Jamaica’s new Consul General to Miami

Mair 3

News Release

October 19, 2018

 Oliver Mair assumes appointment as Jamaica’s new Consul General to Miami

Jamaica’s newly appointed Consul General to Miami, R. Oliver Mair has assumed his position at the Consulate in downtown Miami.  He will be responsible for consular affairs in 13 States of the Southern USA, as well as Bahamas and the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Mair succeeds Mr. Franz Hall who has since assumed position as Acting Director of

Protocol in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in Kingston.

Consul General Mair settled into his office two weeks ago ready to engage positively with the Jamaican community, and is confident that his love and belief in Jamaica “as one of the most powerful brands in the world” will augur well in his mission to serve both Jamaica and the Diaspora community.

He has been described as a dynamic and visionary leader with some 20 years’ experience in Jamaica’s private sector working in travel/tourism, entertainment, agro-processing and real estate industries. He also has extensive involvement in sales and marketing, strategic planning, project management, public relations and government corporate relations.

Unlike his predecessors as career diplomats, Mr. Mair embarked on his career as an operations officer at Jamaica Broilers. After a year, he joined the staff of Air Jamaica where he remained for the next eleven years rising through the ranks from flight attendant/purser/In-flight supervisor; routes operations supervisor, and ultimately regional marketing manager – Jamaica and the Caribbean.  Leaving Air Jamaica, Mr. Mair returned to Jamaica Broilers where he served first as sales manager, and later marketing and sales manager a position he held until he then founded his own company, supplying Jamaican agricultural produce to local hotels. He also worked with several projects including the Portland Jerk Festival, Jamaica Broilers Group- Fun In The Sun and applied his sales skills in real estate as a realtor for Coldwell Bankers Limited.

He cites among his priorities during his tenure as working with the Jamaican community to focus on issues related to education, health, youth and business investment in Jamaica, stressing that there are strong investment opportunities in Jamaica and he is ready to work with Jamaicans and other interested parties in the United States to take advantage of these opportunities as Jamaica continues to gain high marks as prime for investment.  While he considers the Consulate staff a very efficient team, he is confident that they will continue to steer the office right as he steps out and engage the community. “Engaging the community is my goal.”

Mr. Mair has expressed particular interest in having the Jamaican Diaspora organize itself to undertake and support the Jamaican Health Ministry initiative to adopt and develop one or more health clinics in Jamaica.  While he commends the various community groups for their ongoing commitment to Jamaica’s national interest and economic development, which includes contributions to healthcare,  he is looking forward to working diligently to improve healthcare, especially in the rural areas through collaborative efforts.

Mr. Mair has also extended himself to community outreach through volunteer leadership projects where he has trained inmates on life leadership skills at the Tower Street Correctional Prison.

As an all-rounder, Mr. Mair also has an avid interest in the arts, and has applied his creative side to the theater. At Laugh It Off Productions he served as producer/writer and produced a 9-time nomination Actor Boy play which had a successful 9-month run.  He also performed with the University Singers and the Jamaica Musical Theatre Company.  On the side of sports, he has played table and lawn tennis, football, 5K running and practiced yoga.

A graduate of Campion College and Wolmers Boys’ High School, Mr. Mair holds a Bachelors of Arts in Management Studies and English Literature from the University of the West Indies, and a MBA in Business Administration from Nova South Eastern University, Florida.

A family man, Mr. Mair is married to his wife, Tanya and the couple has a daughter.


Cheryl Wynter

Consulate General of Jamaica

Miami, FL




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Leo Gilling interviews new Consul General Oliver Mair

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Meet Michael Hernandez

Michael is a Trinidadian-American writer and director from Miami, currently residing in Los Angeles. Growing up both in Miami and the Caribbean, Michael has been exposed to many richly diverse cultures and people from such vibrantly different walks of life. From Bollywood to Asian films to American movies and beyond, he is grateful to have experienced time and time again how cinema is a powerful and meaningful way to connect to the people and world around us. 
Michael earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree from Florida State University, after which he held positions as Creative Director of Marketing, Media Director, Graphic Designer, Editor, and Director of Photography, the culmination of which in 2012 materialized into his career path as a film director. He utilized his skills and years of experience to bring into full realization the production company CreativeDuet Media. Over the last six years he has continuously worked as a director for music videos, commercials, industrials, marketing campaigns, and narrative short films. Worthy is the first of four next-level projects his team is undertaking to not only solidify their presence in the narrative film world, but also to inspire and challenge audiences in the real world.

Best Regards,
Director Vaughn (iPhone)
p: (305) 302-0688
reel:narrative | music
medias: @creativeduet
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Celebration of the life of Lee Scott


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Jamaican Nationals advised to take necessary precautions in light of Hurricane Michael

News Release

Jamaican Nationals advised to take necessary precautions

in light of Hurricane Michael

Jamaica’s Consul General Oliver Mair is advising all nationals in the affected areas to immediately take the necessary precautions in light of Hurricane Michael which is slated for landfall later today.

Hurricane Michael, a category four system, will hit the Florida Panhandle, before churning through the Gulf Coast hitting areas in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia.  This system is said to be among the worst natural disasters expected to hit the Panhandle, which is expected to cause extensive damage to physical and property damage.

Meanwhile, the Consulate General Office in Miami is making contact with all local government administration authorities in the States of the expected areas to be hit.  The Jamaican coordinating agencies have all been put on alert.  Appealing to all nationals and residents, Consul General Mair reiterated that “we are asking our nationals in the affected areas to be alert, listen to all advisories and take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones”.

A large number of Jamaicans are employed in the hospitality and agricultural sectors in the United States under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Overseas Employment Programme.  Several Jamaican students are also enrolled in the tertiary institutions in the areas.

The Office of the Jamaican Consulate General can be reached at 305-374-8431 ext. 221 or 223, or by email: or


Contact:  Cheryl Wynter

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Learn to Code

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To accommodate the growing need for coding skills, the city of Peachtree Corners is partnering with Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE) to provide 24-week coding boot camps at Prototype Prime, the startup incubator located in Technology Park. Classes begin January 28, 2019.

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