May 23rd. Reggae Girlz send-off celebration (Fl)





May 23rd. –ATL Entertainment Series presents Music Auditions

Calling all Atlanta area musicians!

Do you have what it takes? If so, we want you. Showcase your talent on the world’s busiest stage.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is looking for instrumental performers to be featured throughout the airport to entertain our guests.

The ATL Entertainment Series is a sure bet to spotlight your skills in front of a global audience of more than 250,000 daily visitors.

Bring your instrument and musicianship to play for our panel of judges. Solo instrumental, acoustic music and/or backup tracks (without singing) is required. Speakers and sound will be provided. Please, no sheet music.



May 24th – 27th. VRCA Weekend (Fl)




May 25th – 26th. Atl Women’s T20 Cricket

facebook_1538668589072 (1)


May 25th. –  Black and White Ball (SOLD OUT)



May 25th-26th.  Atlanta Georgia Relays



May 25th. – Atlanta Carnival.



May 26th. – Taste Soca Wine & Music Festival



May 25th. St. Georges Dinner Dance (Fl.)



May 26th – 27th – Atlanta Jazz Festival  


May 26th. 13th Annual, “Best of the Best”


Jun.1st. Integrity Children’s Fund -Evening of Elegance



Jun. 1st. – Annual Caribbean Food and Music Festival (Al)

IMG-20190517-WA0012 (002).jpg


Jun. 6th. – Victoria Mutual Home Buyers Series



Jun. 6th. Clarendon College Dinner Dance (NYC)



Jun. 8th. – Calabar Golf Classic

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Jun. 8th. – Wolmer’s Alumni,  Annual Gala



Jun. 8th. Extreme Retro Saturday



Jun 14th. –  Caribbean-American Heritage Month Celebration

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will host its signature Caribbean-American Heritage Month Celebration on Friday, June 14th  from 11am – 2:00 pm in the Domestic Atrium. This event will include speakers from the Caribbean Community, a steel band, and Caribbean dancers. This program is designed to celebrate and educate the attendees on the Caribbean culture and lineage.


Jun. 15th. St Andrew Old Girl Assoc. Cocktails & Tea



Jun. 14th – 16th. – Cornwall College Summer Sizzle



Jun. 15th. – Cock Tales

FINAL PERFORMANCE OF COCK TALES: Shame on Me! in Atlanta! Sat, June 15th at 8pm – PLEASE FORWARD!

Dear Friends,


I’m very excited to be performing Cock Tales: Shame on Me!  in Atlanta at Seven Stages, 1105 Euclid Ave NE in Five Points on Sat, June 15th at 8pm. ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY!
When my husband heard the name of my new show, he about lost his mind. I gently explained that his penis was not the first I’d encountered in my life, and that Cock Tales and all my one-woman shows have come from my own life experiences. When I began writing this piece, I thought I was writing about sex. But, I came to realize that sex is an entirely different subject. There is nothing new in “Cock Tales” about sex. I cant shed any light on human sexuality. I am no expert on that subject. But, when it comes to overcoming guilt, that is an area where I am an expert. Guilt is something that we have all experienced. It is something that many of us have taught our children.
To the degree that we can more fully liberate ourselves from the guilt that strangles our most joyous impulses, we are able to live our lives as more fully realized human beings. Hopefully, before the evening is through, I will have worked through my guilt and come to a place of comfort with my own actions.
My other plays have all been long narratives. But, all my shows are autobiographical and I feel as if they’ve been leading up to this show. Its a progression of boldness. Cock Tales: Shame on Me! is very un-Jamaican because Jamaicans are extremely private and ultra conservative. I had to muster up my courage to talk about my alcoholic father, my family life and even breaking the law in my previous shows, Invisible Chairs, Mango Mango, and Jamaica Farewell. Now, In Cock Tales: Shame on Me! I’m revealing the boldest things I’ve never told. Everything Ive ever written has led up to this. Bold. Bolder. Boldest. Cock Tales: is a whole new level of over sharing as there is nothing more personal than your sex life. I look forward to seeing you all there and greatly appreciate your continued support.
And please, a beg oonu, nuh boddah bring granny or nuh very ultra conservative smaddy fi cuss an trace mi off after de show.
We will be sold out so please get your ticket TODAY.
Tickets are $40 but if you purchase now there are a  few half price tickets here –
Award-winning actress Debra Ehrhardt continues to share the intimate details of her life in her latest one-woman show, Cock Tales, directed by Joel Zwick (My Big Fat Greek Wedding).Running the emotional gamut from guilt and shame to pleasure and elation, Ehrhardt takes us on a bumpy ride from her early years as a young girl from a religious family through her sexual awakening as a young adult …



“Ehrhardt’s flair and charisma as a performer are matched by the strength and brilliance of her writing. It’s those combined qualities that make Cock-Tales the great show it is.” —Total Theater LosAngeles


Jun. 15th. – McDonough Caribbean Cultural Festival



Jun. 16th – 20th. Jamaica Diaspora Conference



Jun. 16th. Mikey Sparkle – Family Fun Day






Jun. 19th. Concerts in Piedmont Park



Jun. 21st. –  Decatur Beach Party



Jun. 22nd. KCOBA Atl. Chapter Purple Fete




Jun. 29th. – Captains of Industry



Jun. 30th. A Fashion Affair



Jul. 6th. XLCR Dinner Dance (Fl)



Jul. 10th – 14th. Harbour View Reunion (Ja)



Jul. 13th – City of Roswell & Island Blend, Caribbean Festival



Jul. 20th – Pon De River Moon Light Cruise



Jul. 27th. – Suga Fest 2019



Jul. 27th.  Dinthill Alumni Assoc. Annual Banquet

123_1 (002)

———————————————————————————–Aug. 3rd. – Save the Date – Kool Runnings Independence Street Dance.


Aug. 4th. – Jamaica Independence Service (NYC)

FB_IMG_1553047469335 (002)


Aug. 10th. –  AJA’s Independence Ball



Aug. 23rd. Beres Hammond



Sep. 7th. – SHHSAA Walk-A-Thon

2019 fall walk a thon


Sep. 14th. AMBSCC’s annual Gala

AMBSCC Gala 2019 Save the Date v333


Sep. 21st. – Manchester High FUN DAY

Flyer 2019


Sep. 21st. Morant Bay High, Annual Ball



Sep. 21st. JNA’s 50th Anniversary Dinner & Gala



Sep. 27th – Oct. 6th. IAAF World Championship


Sep. 28th. – Crazy but True



Nov. 2nd. – St. Hugh’s High, 120th Anniversary Gala

Copy of eau de parfum(1)


Nov. 23rd.-24th. Father Ho Lung & Friends – Moses (Fl)




Dec. 9th. – 14th. – JamRock Reggae Cruise


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  1. Verdine Benn says:

    I will share this with my colleagues at the Guyana Association of GA.

  2. Wonderful collaboration of events. Nicely done and I will definitely share with my many friends and colleagues

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