Former owner of the Starapple Grill in Atlanta ventures into Jamaican Transportation with ARYVVE Ridesharing Service

Ray Lee

Ray Lee, the former owner of the Starapple Grill in Atlanta, has embarked on a new venture in Jamaica with the formation of his new company ARYVVE Technologies LLC.

This is Jamaica’s first and only true rideshare company.

ARYVVE has developed a Transfer Facilitator platform which streamlines car and bus transfers across the island of Jamaica. Clients and residents will be able to move around the island in comfort and confidence by using certified and licensed operators.

Ray previously worked for Sandals Resorts as a business development manager. Prior to that he worked in hotel management and restaurant management. He was the owner of the Starapple Grill in Atlanta in the early 2000’s.

Customers can access this service by simply downloading the Arryvve app on their smart phones or going to the company’s website

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