Message – Consulate General of Jamaica, Miami



Consulate General of Jamaica, Miami

On behalf of the Consulate General of Jamaica, it is my joy and honour to extend warm Independence greetings to fellow Jamaicans here in the Southern United States as we celebrate another milestone in the life of our beloved country – 56 years as an independent and sovereign nation under God.   The theme for this year’s celebration is “One Love..One Family”.

 While the past 56 years have been interspersed with challenges and growing pains, we nonetheless, have much tocelebrate and be thankful for. We think of our rich cultural heritage, our resilience as a people, a stable political system, improvements in our infrastructure, the men and women who have impacted the world in sports, science, politics, music, and influenced policy on the international fora. Of course, let us not forget our joyful and indomitable spirit that makes us strong, immoveable and ‘tallawah’.

The theme,  “One Love…..One family”  firstly, echoes the sentiments of our National Motto “Out of Many One People”, reminding us that while we have a rich cultural diversity, love binds us together as one family.

We are reminded also of our rich heritage where family is still considered as the foundation of a stable, healthy society and world.  It is this deep sense of family connections which stirs you, our brothers and sisters here in the Southern United States, to give of your time, talents and resources to support, not only your immediate family members in Jamaica, but also the countless Jamaicans who have been beneficiaries of your philanthropic efforts.  I therefore, salute the many organizations here in the Southern United States who continue to work tirelessly to promote and enhance the well-being of the Jamaican family at home.

Of course, let us not forget our international partners and friends of Jamaica, who are embraced as ‘family’ through the close ties and bonds of friendship sustained by Jamaicans here in the USA – their adopted homeland.

As we celebrate this Independence with friends and family, let us endeavor to strengthen those attributes that make us that very special people – Jamaicans.  As we reflect on our past, assess the present, and look to the future, let us be mindful that the Eternal Father is ever with us to bless, guide and protect Jamaica, Land We Love.


Let us renew the pledge to stand together so that “Jamaica will, under God, increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity and play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race.”



Cecile Christie (Ms.)

Deputy Consul General


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