Janice Laws for Georgia Insurance Commissioner

I genuinely love and care about people. This is MY industry that I have worked in appreciatively for the last 16 years. I have served thousands of Georgians, helping them understand and take care of their families with insurance. As an agency owner, I was the one they called first when something happened and I got fed up with saying “I understand, but there is nothing I can do”. Because there is something I can do!
I can FIGHT for Georgians! I will fight for you and your family as your Insurance Commissioner. I truly care about making a difference the way my granny raised me to do all the way back in Jamiaica.
We have an issue in Georgia with our car insurance rates and that is where I will fight first – to change Senate Bill 276 and save more money for working families like yours and mine. I am up for the challenge and ready for the fight!
A native of Jamaica, Janice migrated as a teenager to the United States with her family to follow the American Dream. She lived in NY for 7 years and later relocated to the great state of Georgia. Janice is a United States citizen and proud Georgia resident for over a decade and a half. Janice Laws has attended Monroe College in NY and studied Business Administration at Shorter University College of Adult and Professional Studies. She has studied various professional and leadership methodologies all across the United States. Janice is a proud member of Women’s Professional Development Network, E-Women Network and has served in numerous leadership roles, including, Leadership Coach, Course Manager, and Team Leader Liaison for Landmark’s Global Team Management and Leadership Program.
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