How to Obtain an Unconditional Landing Permit for Jamaica



The Jamaican Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta (JAMCHAM) is encouraging Jamaicans to look into obtaining an unconditional landing permit in order to avoid issues when visiting Jamaica for an extended period of time.

Currently, if you arrive in Jamaica using a foreign passport, you will be admitted for a limited period of time and also may be informed that you are not allowed to work there – even if you were born in Jamaica or your parents are Jamaican.

This will no longer be an issue if you obtain an unconditional landing permit which allows you to live in Jamaica indefinitely while being able to attend school  or work without having a work permit.

Another benefit to having the permit is you will be able to use the Jamaica/CARICOM line instead of the Visitor line when arriving on the island. In Montego Bay, the Visitor line is usually a much longer  line.

You can obtain a permit by presenting your foreign passport and appropriate birth certificates to establish your claim to Jamaican heritage to the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Jamaica (PICA) in Kingston or in Montego Bay at the Overton Plaza at 49 Union Street. The fee is J$10,000.

The documentary requirements are listed in detail at documents required.

Who qualifies for an unconditional landing status?

  • Persons born overseas of Jamaican parentage or grandparents
  • Jamaicans who are holders of non-Jamaican passports
  • Holders of a Caribbean Community (free movement of skilled persons) Certificate
  • Persons who have been naturalized or registered as citizens of Jamaica.

For further information you can visit the PICA website:  PICA .


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