Watford Hill Primary School: A Model for the Jamaican Diaspora

watford Hill primary

Something wonderful is taking place at the Watford Hill Primary School; it should be a model for the Jamaican Diaspora.

The Watford Hill Primary School was established in 1896, is owned by the Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU) and is located in the parish of Hanover in the rural community of Woodlands. It is a small school with 77 students and 3 teachers, a part time reading coach, and the principal. Most of the students are from the community with only a few from other neighboring communities.

Some eight years ago, Atlanta Jamaican Glenda Erskine and her siblings started the Douglas and Linda Walker Foundation at the Watford Hill Primary School where they once attended. The foundation has since implemented a canteen breakfast and other programs.  The results have been remarkable.

According to the school’s principal ..

Read more: http://www.jamaicans.com/articles/primearticles/A-Model-for-the-Jamaican-Diaspora.shtml#ixzz3PaR80mlw



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