Atlanta Jamaican establishes Forgive 4 Health Foundation

faces book      Magon Saunders

Atlanta Jamaican, Dr. Magon Saunders, has established Forgive for Health Ministries in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

An emerging forgiveness researcher, Magon is particularly interested in how forgiveness impacts the health of minorities, especially African Americans. Dr. Saunders holds a doctoral degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in Global Health and has more than 10 years of experience working in ministry to the divorced.

Dr. Saunders is the author of two books:  They Speak from the Pain of Divorce and Faces: Poems for the seasons of our lives.

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1 Response to Atlanta Jamaican establishes Forgive 4 Health Foundation

  1. Dr. Laman,
    Happy New Year and thanks for sharing our work with the Jamaican community. This is truly appreciated. As you know, forgiveness crosses all ages and races and is much needed in our communities. At Forgive4 Health Ministries, we offer free forgiveness assessments, along with tools, trainings, and resources to help people to forgive, and to move on with their lives. We come to family reunions, schools, churches, worksites, etc. and look forward to hearing from your readers.
    Kind regards!
    Dr. Meg

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