Former Atlantan Everton “Mabrouk” Barrett Publishes Memoir

Everton Barrett

Noted KC old boy and former Atlanta chapter President, Everton “Mabrouk” Barrett,  has published his long awaited memoir which documents his life experiences in the USA.

Mabrouk migrated to the USA in December 1971 and attended Brooklyn College and the University of New Haven, CT. He has had impressive successes as both a consulting technical software engineer and technical manager for a number of Fortune 500 corporations. Most notably he was a senior technical manager for IBM, Chrysler and Blue Cross of Georgia.

His last consulting contract before retirement was with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which he jokingly describes as the Petri dish of viruses; his last big fight was the Ebola virus. As a software engineer his job was to make the various CDC systems available to staff worldwide, ensure software solutions were created and deployed for epidemiologists and scientists in hot spots globally so they could effectively fight the latest virus or epidemic.

Mabrouk attended Kingston College from September 1966 to June 1971 where he had fond memories of performing unsanctioned chemistry experiments in the rear of the chemistry lab which resulted in him going home many evenings with acid holes burnt in his khakis. His mother was a little disturbed by this and made inquiries to the Deputy Headmaster and a later incident resulted in him being labeled a ‘mad scientist’ and subsequently banned from the chemistry lab.

Mabrouk’s challenging experiences after coming to the US at age 17 provides a virtual road map for youngsters who may immigrate to the United states and find themselves in turmoil as to the choices to make and roads to take in navigating a successful journey. While he does not advocate that all young men choose his route, he believes he can help to illuminate the American quagmire and how not to fall in the potholes. He wishes you happy reading and hope s it does something for the soul.

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